Art in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

It feels appropriate to start out my first ever blog post with some snaps of my first ever shows in my first ever home, Minnesota. While I moved away from Minnesota over 18 years ago, its still my second home. Since nearly all my extended family is up north, I spent weeks there every summer as well as most holidays. Now that my parents live there again, I pretty much had no excuse not to bring my jewelry to the Twin Cities. 

Art on the Lake in Excelsior was first. The absolutely adorable city of Excelsior sits on Lake Minnetonka. I was fortunate enough to participate in the "Emerging Artists" program (basically I got my event fee waived, a big deal for a small time artist like myself). I also got to share my booth the sweetest print maker I've ever met, Sarah. She's only 18 and definitely has big things ahead of her. Definitely watch her space!


Under better circumstances would have been the perfect location for an art show. Unfortunately, this particular weekend had about every type of extreme weather possible. Saturday's temperature hovered around 95 degrees all day. Not exactly shopping weather, people were mostly focused on staying hydrated. The next day was, in a word, disastrous. A huge storm rolled through the Twin Cities. Winds, rain, hail. Pretty much an outdoor festival's worst nightmare. While my tent was spared any damage, I can't say the same for everyone else. Tents were knocked around all over the place. A few artists even lost some of their work. The potter behind me had a bunch of beautiful pieces come crashing to the ground. It was so sad and painful to see. My heart hurt for them. All that hard work!

After clean up, the festival started a few hours late. The rest of the day was a bit rainy and cold. We still had some customers and everyone had lovely things to say. 

The following weekend was The Stone Arch Bridge Festival. This not so little (huge!) art show was in Minneapolis in what was once the mill district. The old flour mills in the area have been converted into cute restaurants, shops, and housing. Another perfect location, this time with much, much better weather plus lots of shoppers and an edible cookie dough truck.

Despite Mother Nature's best attempts, my first shows in Minnesota were a success. It was so great getting to bring my jewels up to my homeland and spend time with my family. No post about art shows would be a complete without a little art haul. So, here are the four prints I bought. Artists linked below. Thanks, MN. You sure are swell!