Here at Lauren Brook, we love this planet we inhabit. Unfortunately, jewelry production can be a messy business but here at LB we are doing whatever we can to decrease our pollution footprint and be as kind as we can to our already delicate environment. Here are some ways Lauren Brook reduces pollution and waste within our business.

No Plastic Bags!!!

Your jewelry at LB will never come packaged in single use plastic bags. Plastic prevents tarnish from air pollution during the shipping process but also poisons our environment. When I receive plastic bags from supplies, they are either recycled (if possible) or reused around my home and studio. Both retail and wholesale orders will come wrapped in tissue paper or recycled kraft boxes for production from scratches/tarnish.

Reusing Shipping Materials

I’m a big cardboard box hoarder- if you place a wholesale order (or a large retail order) it will most likely come in reused packaging. It’s not the prettiest way to mail but it prevents unnecessary landfill waste. Besides, like people, its on the inside that matters most! Plus the less packaging I purchase, the more savings YOU get in return. Win/win!

Uncoated Jewelry

Often, jewelry can be coating in a finish that protects against tarnish, scratches, or metal allergies. Here at LB, we do not coat our jewelry. These coatings are filled with ingredients I don’t want filling the air I breathe or touching my skin. If you wish to coat your jewelry, finishes are easily available online. But, I suggest letting your pieces patina naturally or cleaning with baking soda.

Recycling Unused Metal

This is pretty self explanatory. Instead of throwing away tiny bits of metal, ruined or left over bits are sent back to the manufacturer to use again. I send my scrap metal back to the supplier in a reused cardboard box and plastic bag.

I’m always learning at Lauren Brook. If you have an environmental safety information you’d like to pass on, do not hesitate to contact me!